My computer keeps shutting down randomly?

Answer mine does this too someti

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Computer keeps randomly shutting off?

my computer does the same thing!just try seeing if any dust got caught anywhere in the laptopif theres dust, try to clean it out.scan your laptop for viruses, and remove them.also, make sure you ha... Read More »

My computer keeps randomly shutting down?

It could be a overheat problem, you may need to clear the dust from the chassis using canned air but not vacuum cleaner. Alternately, the problem could also be caused by faulty RAM so you may one t... Read More »

I got a new power supply for my computer bcause my computer kept on shutting off now it is doing it again why?

mine did that 2, till it blew... the fan on mine was clogged and the inside was sooo dusty. it overheated. check urs...

My computer keeps shutting down?

graphic card drawing not enough power at the time where graphic (certain area in the game) requires more intense graphics. What is your power supply units Watts and amp rating on 12V? What is your ... Read More »