My computer keeps sending me to this random site?

Answer Download these and follow the instructions to make sure you really wipe any Spywares/adwares and other malwares.…â... Read More »

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Google keeps on saying, for every website, "This site may harm your computer" how can i get rid of that?

yea its happening 2 me nowhopefully they will sort it out ;)

Google keeps saying that my computer is sending automated queries?

My computer is doing the same, and I am trying to find out what is wrong with my computer.Hear is what my computer is saying:We're sorry...... but your computer or network may be sending automated ... Read More »

This guy keeps sending me these weird emails. What should i do?

I hope you have kept the emails, if not then keep the future ones and report him. If you have a Email address with your ISP contact your ISP and ask their advice, you could even possibly go to the... Read More »

My computer keeps playing random audio ads?

There are malware on your computer. More specifically, I think it is a Rootkit.Win32.TDS family problem.Download TDSS killer from Kespersky.…Don't worry! S... Read More »