My computer keeps sending me to this random site?

Answer Download these and follow the instructions to make sure you really wipe any Spywares/adwares and other malwares.…â... Read More »

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Is there any application for pc that supports sending sms from any sms site account similar to smsindia?

yes."ways 2 sms"is the site where you can send message to any mobile number in india.

What do I do about a person on this site who is sending me vicious emails because I didn't pick his answer?

If you know who the person is, then you file a report to And make sure that you put in the subject line urgent/Yahoo Q&A.Sincerely sorry to hear that some psyco is sending you vic... Read More »

Every site I Goggle today contains a warning statement that "This site may harm your computer". What gives?

google has crashedit is happening to us all.just use another search engine try live or yahoo…☮

Every single site on google tagged with "this site may harm your computer"?

its happening to everyone so dont worry you dont have a virus or anything. type the address directly into the search bar for now.