My computer keeps saying low disk space. do i need a bigger hard drive ?

Answer If you copy some documents, images, songs, movies etc from C drive/partition to either to another partition D, E etc if there are any, or copy them to cd/dvd and then delete them off from the C dri... Read More »

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If i use an external hard disk ,will it increase the disk space on my c-drive?

no, it'll add a new drive on your my computer

Clearing space on hard drive, 'Disk Cleanup'?

Just download Advanced Windows Care 3.1 from It's FREE to use and keep, has no adware/spyware and I guarrantee you it'll fix that and tons more, I swear by it!!! Run the scan then click re... Read More »

Where the hell is all my hard disk drive space going Read?

Defragmentating your disk is a great way to get some memory back.What it does is that is "sweeps" your disk and organises everyting in order.Another you should do frequently is deleting cookies, te... Read More »

Will it slow my computer down if I compress drive to save disk space under C drive properties?

no, if anything it should help your computer, sorting files making them more compact allowing more space when you de-frag, it depends how big your hard drive is and how fast your computer is. one t... Read More »