My computer keeps restarting, but nothing that I`ve tried works.What`s going on?

Answer have u tried the main power lead it could be split somewhere and arcing if u have another 1 try it out, check it over is there a loose connection in the plug? i had a break in mine inside the insul... Read More »

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Computer keeps restarting?

It may be a fatal error that is causing the computer to restart. You can easily stop the restart problem by changing your system features to restrict automatic startup when your computer's having a... Read More »

Computer crash, keeps restarting?

Try to check your hard drive first. At least you will know if hard drive contributes to this problem or not. Here are instructions from HP web site how to do it: 1. Plug the AC Adapter into the N... Read More »

My computer keeps restarting & I can't find the reason...?

I would highly recommend getting AVG Free (source #1 listed below). It's an antivirus program that has always worked very well in the past in comparison to Norton and Trend Mirco(neither of which a... Read More »

My computer keeps on restarting on me every time i log in, what do i do?