My computer keeps popping up with 'you have a security problem' and i dont have a clue how to get rid of it?

Answer Firstly, antivirus programs will NOT pick these up as they are malicious codecs.Download the following free removal programs:SmitFraudFix:…How to use SmitF... Read More »

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I already install my web camera but its did not work. i dont know if i have a problem on my cam or computer?

What laptop do you have? External camera or built-in? What brand of laptop?

Problem With My Glow-Worm Gas Boiler Popping Loudly When It Ignites?

The Glow-Worm gas boiler offers home heating as well as water heating and has one-way wiring connections, automatic self-check and a two-year limited parts and labor warranty. If the boiler is maki... Read More »

Your daughter fell and landed with a metal bar long ways between her legs and it continues to hurt a year later about every 2-4 months any ideas doctors dont have a clue She goes to sleep fine and?

How do I remove the Windows Security Alert from popping up on my PC?

Removing Windows Security Alert Pop-upsMicrosoft Windows Vista allows you to turn off Windows Security Alerts by clicking "Start," then "Control Panel," "Security" and "Security Center." If prompte... Read More »