My computer keeps on restarting on me every time i log in, what do i do?

Answer then u have to reinstall windows again

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Computer keeps restarting?

It may be a fatal error that is causing the computer to restart. You can easily stop the restart problem by changing your system features to restrict automatic startup when your computer's having a... Read More »

Why do my computer keep restarting after every five minutes?

you probably have a virus. go to

My computer is restarting automatically what i do?

this is like saying "my car won't start, what do i do?" what are the symptoms before it started and during?!? not enough info!

Continuously restarting computer?

Remove this harddrive from this computer, and attach it to an open IDE on a proper working PC. Then scan it fully for viruses using this PC..if theres viruses, Windows itself may be hosed, but you ... Read More »