My computer keeps on freezing how can i stop this?

Answer By system maintenance regularly & as follows. First of all increase your virtual memory or page file size open control panel double click system folder on opening page click advanced than Tick befo... Read More »

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How can I stop my computer from freezing?

How can i make my computer stop freezing up?

If you have a recovery cd use it.If not turn it off then hold down f10 while it powers back up.

How to Stop a Windows Computer from Freezing?

Windows is probably the most popular operating system on the market. Although popular, it is not perfect, in fact, it could even be called infamous, for it is known to run slowly, freeze, and crash... Read More »

Why does my computer screen keep freezing. How can I stop this from happening?

have you done a Disc clean and a deframenter? try doing these and see if it helps.