My computer keeps on beeping!?

Answer You probably deleted a program that helps it start up! if so, you would have received a disc when you bought the computer! you can use it to see if an important program is missing!other than that, ... Read More »

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I just turned on my computer and it's making long beeping sounds.?

if that is a desktop pc, check on the connections. if it wouldn't work still, open the CPU and look for the memory...the long slender hardware with lots of microchips on it. try to eject and put it... Read More »

My computer is running properly but it makes beeping noise?

Dell.comTechnical SupportRun the online hardware diagnostics test - my educated guess is that it is trying to tell you that something is starting to go bad. The test results should tell you what i... Read More »

My computer makes a beeping sound and refuses to start up?

Those beeping sounds mean something - they'll actually tell you exactly what the problem is.They're called a BIOS code. Just google "beep code " and look up what it means... different bios program... Read More »

My smoke alarm keeps beeping?

You need to replace the 9V PP3 battery located inside the unitJames the BAD advice you gave could KILL!!