My computer keeps freezing at the login screen?


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Why does my computer screen keep freezing?

Hello, The most common cause of computer freezes is a corrupt registry. Most likely your registry is bloated and overstuffed with an assortment of useless pieces of data. The operating system while... Read More »

My computer keeps freezing up and going to a black screen?

Two sort of obvious things to check for.1) Do you have the latest driver set for you video card? And is it installed correctly? A bad driver or corrupt installation, may cause problems when cer... Read More »

Why does my computer screen keep freezing. How can I stop this from happening?

have you done a Disc clean and a deframenter? try doing these and see if it helps.

Black screen after login?

Malware scans can be done with free versions of popular utilities.The screen issue comes sometimes from playing a game that resets the refresh rate and/or the resolution to something the screen can... Read More »