My computer keeps calling me a loser. Why is it?

Answer Well, if you have AIM Instant meassenger, that may be somebody's sound off when they message you, or when you message them, and sometimes it seems it does it by it's self. But Im guessing thats not... Read More »

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Who keeps calling me?

Imagine the following scenario; you are at home, busy with routine tasks when the phone rings. You are too busy to answer the phone immediately so you let it ring. Now imagine that you go to check ... Read More »

Someone keeps calling me?

So are they still calling you? or did you get them to stop? we cannot tell from what you wrote. The first thing to do is contact the phone company and explain the problem. It is a form of harrassme... Read More »

Addvirtisement keeps calling me?

I'm assuming you mean telemarketers. You can put your number on the "do not call" list. People who have submitted their home phone numbers to this registry will not be called by telemarketers.

301) 392-8151 Who keeps calling? properly a phone-bank...just don't worry about it! those numbers are caller-ID spoofing numbers, and are not indented to call back!