My computer just clicks off and restarts by it's self (randomly)'WHY?

Answer Because you havent plugged it in properly!That sometimes happens to me.If the plugs are under your feet thats more than likely the problem.But even if you knock the plug a little, it could switch o... Read More »

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Computer restarts itself every minute?

Either two or three likely possibilities are the problem.1. Power Supply Failure (usually the filter capacitors) a whole new PSU is usually less than $100 2. CPU overheating which you will have to ... Read More »

My computer restarts out of the blue. what causes that and the solution as well.?

It looks like you have a virus and a nasty one, try formatting it, or even better yet buy a new one, P3 is very old and it doesn't perform as good as the new ones especially with all the new programs.

Can you help My computer freezes, restarts, or switches off.?

could be a bad memory module or power supply ... theres not too many things left lol ... does it do it from a fresh windows install?

My friend's computer restarts every 1-4 minutes by itself, why?

Could be a virus or could be hard drive failure.The thing to do here is process of elimination. Boot up in safe mode and then run your antivirus program.Go to and run t... Read More »