My computer isn't accepting the proper ram. Why?

Answer I never mix RAM just because of this. I think that the problem is that by filling the first two dimms you are engaging dual channel mode, and since you only have one chip in the second pair of slot... Read More »

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How can make my computer stop accepting information from the Internet?

Why my usb harddrive isnt showing up in my computer?

Delete the USB drivers and reinstall them. However, you could just install the drive, into the computer case. Then check it there, if it doesn't show up, open the BIOS and see if it is detected. If... Read More »

My computer mouse isnt can i fix it?

Specify the exact mouse, and it can help more.But here are a couple of stuff to try.As everyone said, check your connection... this can include plugging your mouse into a different computer and che... Read More »

My computer sound isnt working?

WOW. Lots of guesses, no real answers, at least no good ones. Ok. 1. Try pluging the speakers in to your home stero headphone jack. Make sure to plug them into the wall as well, most computer s... Read More »