My computer is stuck on the desktop screen with none of my icons!?

Answer hi amelia, what is wrong with your computer is that your windows has crashed that means that it is not working because it is having troubles right now. the best way to explain it is when you have a... Read More »

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Why have the desktop icons on my computer............?

How do i remove icons from a desktop but not the computer?

Right-click on the IconsClick on the icons you want to remove with the right mouse button. This will open up a dialog box with several options for you to choose.Delete the IconChoose to delete the ... Read More »

Will you please help me... i unable to see any icons on my computer desktop...?

How do i make the icons on a desktop computer small?

Windows XPRight-click on the desktop. Select "Properties." Select "Appearance" and click on "Advanced." Select "Icon" under the item box. Use the "Size" drop-down box to make your icons a smaller s... Read More »