My computer is still stuck on tht blue screen?

Answer Follow the steps below and let me know.Shut Down the PC.Restart it and start tapping the F8 key as soon as it power on until you can see the Windows Advanced Menu below.Select 2nd option: Safe mode... Read More »

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My computer is stuck on a blue screen when i start it up and nothing happens what can I do?

If it does not beep upon booting or doesn't even come up with anything but a blue screen with no text it is likely a hardware problem, see if your computer is still under warranty to see if you can... Read More »

My phone is stuck on a blue screen?

if it is still like that after you have removed the battery, you probably wont be able to fix it

Mac not booting. Stuck with blue screen.?

Try system restore. first. not restore from backup that will wipe everything. But before anything you should run a full virus sweep.


Depending on your version of windows, press F8 and select 'repair your computer' (Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 only.This should sort out your blue screen. Otherwise you need to get a prof... Read More »