My computer is slow should i do this?

Answer Before you delete any processes, please look at this website as you don't want to stop important programs from start up.

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How to make this slow computer be a fast computer?

You definitely need to add more RAM. Look at for some information as to what your computer needs.

My computer is slow what should i do its not just the internet but the computer too ?

defragmentary your computerit takes a really long time to do, but its worth italso go through and delete any files that are big and you arent using (do this before defragmenting)

I have norton anti-virus and my computer is slow on boot up should I remove it and what should I replace with?

Norton is a very good antivirus BUT it does use a lot of resources. I personally use AVG free. It works great and it's free. AVG scans and updates every morning offering better protection than N... Read More »

Computer Running slow how do i fix this?

Open your task manager and see the program that is using up your memory. Check spool... something (if you tried to print something before but didn't).You might have a virus so scan your computer..T... Read More »