My computer is slow and the hard drive is five years old. Do I need a new one?

Answer ur system needs a tune up, just like cars, when was the last time u need ur maintenance, need u format the drive when u install 1in 7. well download a program called FixBee, it defrag's ur drives &... Read More »

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Does filling a hard drive slow a computer down?

Does a full hard drive slow down a computer?

A full hard drive slows down a computer. It is important to have at least 10 percent free space on the hard drive to allow the programs and files to run properly. Delete unnecessary files or uninst... Read More »

Does a slow computer speed mean the hard drive is failing?

A slow computer is one symptom of a failing hard drive. Other common signs of a dying hard drive, or disk, include computer crashes, missing data and unusual noises. Just because a computer is slow... Read More »

Urgently need advice re: my computer hard drive (or tower)?

I don't know if you have a local MicroCenter store in your area, but they have to be just about the best computer equipment outlet there is. They even offer classes for building your own computer.... Read More »