My computer is slow after leaving it on for while or multi-tasking?

Answer add memory and make sure its getting enough airflow through the case and not heating up..

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How to Avoid Multi Tasking?

Multitasking; switching back and forth between activities of varying complexity, has become both a workplace and household catchphrase of the millennium. Unlike generations before, 24/7 is the life... Read More »

Is taking a wizz in the shower multi-tasking?

Does iPhone 4 feature multi tasking?

supposedly castup has just created an app for the iphone (1/15/12) that I believe would enable one to do this. I have read several reports of the launch, but so far have not been able to find a dow... Read More »

How do i stop popups while iam on net it makes my computer slow?

Popup blockers, such as the Yahoo and Google toolbars, will only stop web based popup advertising. They can help somewhat but will do nothing to stop popups on a computer that is badly infected wit... Read More »