My computer is running very slow, i have deleted all the crap off ,done scan upon scan with a v g?

Answer If your computer is still runnning slow think about downloading Ad aware fro lavasoft. many causes like adware will not be detected on a virus scanner, but they WILL cause computer slowdown.If thi... Read More »

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My computer is running really slow, I tried to ran virus scan but nothing came up I need help?

try disk clean up and disk defrag, might help a bit

HELP--my computer stopped working. It was running slow and I decided to run an adaware spyware scan. I?

Time to reformatTo format your harddrive you will need to get a recovery disc or a Windows CD. No boot disc is necessary unless you are trying to install Windows 95. The recovery disc will usually ... Read More »

When attempting to scan to a computer using the scan to function on the front panel, a No Scan Options?

Have you tried uninstalling your scanner and then installing again? Try this and see if it helps if not call or go to a nearby electronic store (Best Buy, CirCuit City) and ask them why is your sca... Read More »

When i scan my computer by avist som currept files are not deleted pls help?

Contact your antivirus customer support, and get help if it persists.Or all I could tell you to do is see if you can get the path to the files, and attempt to delete them on your own if you can't g... Read More »