My computer is running slow, so I decided to upgrade the memory.?

Answer To fix a slow computer you can go to Download reg clean for free.It can clean your computer and restore your system to optimum performance.It works very well for me.... Read More »

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HELP--my computer stopped working. It was running slow and I decided to run an adaware spyware scan. I?

Time to reformatTo format your harddrive you will need to get a recovery disc or a Windows CD. No boot disc is necessary unless you are trying to install Windows 95. The recovery disc will usually ... Read More »

Why is facebook running so slow on my computer when all the other websites run super mega fast on my computer?

Everyone in my house has been experiencing this problem as well. I'm to assume it is not just my account and is surely an issue with facebook's servers. I've been off facebook for two days because ... Read More »

My computer is running so slow?

You can use a registry cleaner to clean up your computer and then make your computer faster,Why?the reason is that there may be some registry errors and remnant,corrupt files and temp files in your... Read More »

My computer is running slow.?

Why re-install?!!! Run a defrag program, maybe an antivirus and an anti-spyware thing. Maybe you have a virus?? Don't reinstall the whole program before trying other stuff first! Definitely try the... Read More »