My computer is running really slowly what is the best way too speed it up?

Answer The following steps should speed up your PC. Do all of the steps with patience. Please note that deleting unnecessary and junk files are necessary to attain smooth performance of your PC.1. Run Dis... Read More »

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My Dell Dimension 4700 Has a Slow Internet Transfer Speed and Is Running Slowly?

As computers get older they tend to slow down as new software requires more computer resources, and if the computer is not well maintained. If your Dell Dimension 4700 performance has dramatically ... Read More »

My computer keeps on running VERY slowly!?

first do a free online antivirus scan from these sites Read More »

Why is my computer running slowly?

I think you have to clean virus first. And stop some startup.Please give as more details about you computer.or try this tweaks.First Do Essential HousekeepingBefore undertaking any system changes, ... Read More »

What should i do if my computer is running slowly?

Try defragmenting your hard drive. Make sure you do this in safe mode. (Directions below.) This can take several hours, so you might want to set it to run overnight.Look at the list of startup prog... Read More »