My computer is playing up!!!?

Answer your monitor could be damaged, if you can't see absolutely nothing. You can try entering to the bios, or in safe mode, pressing F8 , you should see a menu that indicates which way you want to sta... Read More »

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What is the difference between playing a Blue Ray Disk and playing a Blue Ray format file on computer?

well technically its the same depending on how it was ripped. if its the actual blue ray dvd files and is true in size the thing would be massive. chances are its a mkv file format which is the sta... Read More »

Playing PS3 on Computer Monitor?

HDMI is Two in one input/output Video and Audio! if you have built-in speakers on your computer monitor it should work! I don't think audio will work if you plug it in to an analog output on the ba... Read More »

How to Not Get Caught Playing Computer Games?

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you have worked too much? Drowned in boredom due to excessive schoolwork? There is a quick and easy solution to these problems, computer games! One hour of act... Read More »

My computer is playing up should i put it out of its misery?

I'll bet you have a Toshiba. Mine truly sucks and it's only 4 months old. First the recording function stopped working, and then the touch pad went nuts, and now it's the cursor that's got me cur... Read More »