My computer is infested with the Security Tool virus. How do I get rid of it?

Answer i know a few guys here who will give you their tool, aside from that i don't know! *cries*

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How do u keep ur computer 4rm getting infested with a virus?

Don't open emails your don't know or download something because it says your PC will run faster try getting some virus protection like Norton or mcafee

How to i open the anti virus to scan my computer the one that comes with the tahoo tool bar?

get rid of the tool bar now!!! it is spying on you go with avg now!!! go on google and put in AVG free now!!!!

What is the best anti virus for computer security right now?

Norton Internet Security 2009 (NIS 2009) is currently the FASTEST internet security package (at 7mb memory usage only!) (beats kaspersky by 15mb)Proof…NIS... Read More »

Can anybody reccomend the best free anti-virus software, also the best virus removing tool thankyou?

avg, professional software and totally free!ps. the person who said "Remember they are FREE , they do not have enough money for top notch people to find solutions for thousand of new viruses appear... Read More »