My computer is having problems when i start it help please?

Answer Are you able to boot into Safe Mode?•What happens if not?Depending on your manufacturer - options to get to the boot diagnostics will differ... Google "Dell startup diagnostics" where Dell = your... Read More »

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My computer won't start up. When i try and turn it on no lights respond at the front of it! Help please!?

Very unlikely to be a virus, since it's related to your power supply.From the data you provided, I'd say it's the power supply. You didn't specify how old EXACTLY your computer is, and I wouldn't r... Read More »

Please help me! My iPod touch 4 gen is having problems?

You must have synced it with the computer to think it was your brothers iPod. Simply restore it and sync it with your computer or iTunes account

Having problems with my contacts please help!?

I think your eye balls need sometime to rest too. Let just say that in a week, has 7 days and you wear contacts all 7 days. Of course your eyes will get tired. And as you know your eyes and your br... Read More »

I'm having problems with Kremlin wipe. Please help?

When you choose the Standard wipe option, Kremlin Wipe wipes all free space on the selected volume(s). It creates a file in the root directory and writes data to it until it fills all available spa... Read More »