My computer is going super slow, what should i do?

Answer Check the temperature of the PC (inside). If it is super hot, then you may have hardware problem. This is quite unlikely if you have a branded PC.If you are using a 72K rpm drive, defragment the di... Read More »

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Why is facebook running so slow on my computer when all the other websites run super mega fast on my computer?

Everyone in my house has been experiencing this problem as well. I'm to assume it is not just my account and is surely an issue with facebook's servers. I've been off facebook for two days because ... Read More »

My computer is running super slow how do i fix this problem?

This is a multiple layered issue. Most slow issues are related to CPU and or RAM related issues. If you are having application response issues this is related to both of these items. The first thin... Read More »

So you get super aggravated when your computer runs slow?

LOL!!!I was at my parents house last week trying to change my avatar/ 360 pictures on their computer. They live in the boondocks and dial-up is all they can get at their house. After sitting ther... Read More »

My computer is slow, but i have used software to clean it, but it is still very slow, what else can i do ?