My computer is getting slow what do i need to change?

Answer There are several things you can do to increase the "speed" of your computer. 1) Clean up the disk. Uninstall unneeded programs (especially those that run at startup and/or put something in the sys... Read More »

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My computer keeps getting really laggy and slow?

You didn't mention which antivirus program you used .. First check your pc with good antivirus like kaspersky, etc. If it can't find any virus then use a good registry cleaner ... you may check mrr... Read More »

Slow computer, hardly any memory left... what do i need?

Regarding having 16GB of free space left, that's easily solved by getting an external hard drive. As for the lag on your computer, the main problem is likely your RAM. Especially since youre runnin... Read More »

Question about my computer getting slow and my internet too please help?

You need to keep your computer clean. This is the first thing I would try. It is free. This will help you clean your computer and optimize it to help you run smooth and fast. Love, honeyhttp://... Read More »

Computer Goes Slow. What Can I Upgrade Or Change To Make It Go Faster?

You did not mention the O/S or the disk drive, nor what sort of applications you are riunning. 1 GB is fine for WinXP, but not nearly enough for Vista. 2.27GhZ should do for most things. If you ... Read More »