My computer is getting loads of pop ups?

Answer Please don't listen to anyone else! But my old computer was exactly the same, i went to… and did a full safety scan, checks and fixes your computer for ev... Read More »

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How do some people eat loads without getting fat?

My sis sits around calling her whole faimly fat- which we kinda are. I'm 155 and it only gets bigger from me. She eats double the amount as us and the doc has called her a pound underweight. My gra... Read More »

I have loads and loads of junk in my spare bedroom. Do you want any of it It is just going into the bin.?

How can I prevent myself from getting a cold when I'm at school with loads of people around me?

You can't prevent it but you can decrease your odds of getting a cold by washing your hands with warm water and a good antibacterial soap on a regular basis. If you're unable to do so, then use an ... Read More »

In computer programming, what's the difference between getting your bachelor's degree&getting a certificate?

A BS degree is a fairly comprehensive program that covers a number of facets of IT. Besides practical knowledge, you'll also probably get a lot of the theory behind it.A certificate program usually... Read More »