My computer is being really sloooooow...?

Answer all I can say is to get RAM/Memory for your computer it will change your life. You can get RAM cards at your local walmart ^_^

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My computer is being really slow and my CPU usage very high Help me please?

You might need a RAM upgrade. How much RAM do you have now?

What are all the possible reasons a computer would run really, really slowly?

As the expression goes, I am sorry to hear that you are having computer problems.I don't know much about your machine, or what OS you are running. Unfortunately what is wrong could range from the ... Read More »

I have a really bad computer really slow and everything an tips on how to speed it up?

Windows Vista is really very slow.. the best thing to do is Format ur computer and install Windows XP on to it....

My computer seems to be running really really slow how can i fix this?

un install all programs that you don't use mainly gamesthen de-frag and error check. these are on your computer install a good anti-virus, AVG is the best and is free.then get a 'C Cle... Read More »