My computer is being gay?

Answer Sounds like you are the victim of spyware. You should run a program like Lavasoft Adaware 2007 or Spybot to get rid of the problem.

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Can being on the computer cause eye damage?

No, it can strain the eyes if you don't take breaks. But it won't damage the eyes.If you are on the computer for an hour, take a 5 min break.It was the belief of many that it did cause damage but i... Read More »

How do i know if my computer is being spied on?

it is called keylogger, most of them work in stealth mode, you can pick it up with zemana anti keylogger, it is the best keylogger remover app:…

How do i know if my computer is being tracked?

My computer is being really sloooooow...?

all I can say is to get RAM/Memory for your computer it will change your life. You can get RAM cards at your local walmart ^_^