My computer is behaving very strangley!?

Answer That used to happen to my computer I just went to HP and they fixed it so it doesn't shut down randomly I think you should do the same. I really hate vista it screws up my computer way to much I ha... Read More »

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Is my ear stretcher behaving normally!?

It's normal to experience a little scabbing.You may however have torn your skin a little.If the problem continues take it out and try again in a month or so.Also, get some good moisturizer for the ... Read More »

My printer is mis-behaving, can anyone help It will not print on command?

.I would first uninstall and then reinstall the printer driver, and if that doesn't fix the problem, do a search on google or the manufacturers web site to see if there is an updated driver for th... Read More »

Why is amanda bynes behaving so strangely?

She is doing a Lindsay Lohan, at one time these "Stars" had notoriety they were in the spotlight, but that faded and they can't except it, so they get into other things , drugs, shop lifting, drivi... Read More »

Is your google search behaving weird?

Yes, on both of my computers. I came here looking for an answer.