My computer is an acer aspire its rubbish wats a good computer?

Answer Acer aspire is ok. I am using one right now.Chances are if you had bought an Apple computer, You would be typing " Apple are rubbish etc etc

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Where is the PCI slot on an Acer Aspire computer?

If your Acer Aspire has a PCI slot, it is located on the motherboard near the bottom corner of the computer. PCI slots are white in color and allow you to connect expansion cards. Most Acer Aspire ... Read More »

Computer Acer Aspire One won't start, Help please?

HiI work a an IT tech and deal with things like this all time. My Aspire One just died too. Was in the BIOS and restarted. When powering up no screen just the Fans power on. Usually on a pc this me... Read More »

Acer Computer AOA110-1722 Aspire Specifications?

The AOA110-1722 is a netbook from Acer. It comes in a shimmering sapphire blue, and is lightweight so it is easily transportable. It is designed for travel, and as such has a lot of options for sta... Read More »

What is the cable called to connect an Acer Aspire computer to a tv?

This ultimately depends on the model of Acer Aspire you are using. Typically, VGA and S-Video cables are used to connect a computer to your TV. Other cables, such as DVI, are occasionally an option... Read More »