My /computer /is /acting /really /weird!!! PLEASE HELP?

Answer Looks to me like your keyboard is messed up. Try plugging in an external keyboard and see if that works out better for you.

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Why is Wikipedia acting weird on my computer only?

Because Chrome has a glitch. Change your Zoom to 100%

Why is my computer screen acting weird (Pic Included)?

You need to specify what is wrong with your computer. Honestly, all I see is a cute baby on the screen.

Why is my gpu temp acting so weird?

Check inside your machine. If your graphics adapter has a fan on it, then it might be that the fan isn't operating properly. (ex. becomes stuck or runs slower than usual.)

TV Picture is acting weird, does anybody know if I can fix myself?

Ignore the first four idiots ! the following two are correct !!! Technical description of your fault is TOP FOLD OVER , it will be a small value electro capacitor in vertical amp circuit !Cheers Pete