My computer has no sound, how do I fix this?

Answer you probably have to reinstall your drivers. they probably got corrupt somehow.

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Does this sound like a good computer?

Its pretty good, thought I would wait a while because the computer market looks like it will continue to fall and computers will get cheaper in a short period of time. Also the windows installed on... Read More »

Is this sound card compatible with my computer?

I looked at the quick spec's for the Z800 and it tells me that you have one PCI Slot.…Page #17If you don't have anything installed in the available PCI Slo... Read More »

Noisy PC My computer sound like a hoover at times, why is this?

The noise may be coming from ventilation fans inside the case, or from CD or DVD drives.A continuous noise is usually a fan. Cases with small fans tend to make more noise than cases with large fan... Read More »

My computer makes this BIG HUMMING SOUND whenever I turn it on!?

you dont need a new computer or need to bang it. you probably just have a lot of dust in side of it. just take off the case and block the fan then blow out the dust with an air compressor.