My computer has alerted me that my Virtual Memory is low. What do I do?

Answer You have to many programs running. Use Task Manager to END TASK some of the junk.The best thing to do, is to get rid of these SPYWARE, ADWARE and other bogus tasks. Use MSCONFIG at the RUN command ... Read More »

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What is virtual computer memory ?

Virtual computer memory enables desktop and laptop computers to find empty random access memory (RAM) needed to load additional programs or work faster in the programs that are open.How It WorksVir... Read More »

What is virtual memory on a computer?

In computers, virtual memory--otherwise known as virtual storage--is a part of the hard drive that is used to simulate extra random access memory (RAM). The appearance of additional RAM can make a ... Read More »

What is Virtual Memory & Why is my computer telling me it is to low & How do you fix it?

You can increase the amount of storage space on your hard drive for temporary internet files. If you do a lot of web surfing everyday, the new limit you adjust it to might end up being too low also... Read More »

What is low virtual memory on a computer with Windows XP?

A low virtual memory message on a computer with Windows XP means that you have to increase your virtual memory paging file. Your computer uses virtual memory to augment your RAM hardware.References... Read More »