My computer has alerted me that my Virtual Memory is low. What do I do?

Answer You have to many programs running. Use Task Manager to END TASK some of the junk.The best thing to do, is to get rid of these SPYWARE, ADWARE and other bogus tasks. Use MSCONFIG at the RUN command ... Read More »

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Computer virtual memory low?

Here is gist of the problem. The " virtual memory is low warning". Your computer uses physical memory, aka RAM, and virtual memory. Virtual memory is used to simulate more RAM when your computer is... Read More »

How much virtual memory should a computer need?

On One Hand: One and One-Half Times Your Available RAMAccording to Microsoft, you should set your virtual memory to 1.5 times the amount of physical RAM installed in your computer. This ensures tha... Read More »

My computer comes up with virtual memory low sometimes. Is this the same as RAM?

Virtual memory sounds innocent enough doesn't it.I have tons of RAM that isn't being used and my dream machine computer tells me that I am running out of virtual memory.You click on a program and i... Read More »

Can a computer run out of virtual memory?

The short answer is yes. Virtual memory is a storage area outside of a computer's "working memory" (RAM). Programs and the data it operates over are placed in virtual memory and only the parts nee... Read More »