My computer has a Trojan on it and it's affected badly please HELP!?

Answer why would you possibly want to put a condom on a PC----?? how could you even get it to fit---?? take your filth elsewhere----please---

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My coputer is badly affected with can i cure my computer?

Here's what you need to do.1st, don't waste your time with AVG, spybot, ad aware, CA, spyhunter, superantispyware, avast, panda, windows defender or anything of the sort. Stay away from anything th... Read More »

My computer is affected by malware and by a trojan,we cannot clean delete or will we solve it?

Take it to you nearest church and have the priest excorcise the demons.

OMG. Im so badly freaking out someone PLEASE HELP ME (my teeth)?

Okay first of all calm down. second of all you might need implants its sounds like your teeth have decayed to the point where they are falling out,or the roots are gone in which case they might do... Read More »

I have done really badly in my AS's, can you please help!?

This is scaary dude! The exact same happened to me D: Like, literally exactly the same. What subjects do you do? And what are you going to do?! My rents are considering making me retake the year :S x