My computer hard disk does not show the green lamp...what can be wrong?

Answer It sounds like a relatively small issue with the pcb of the hard disk. A minor circuit fault. Get it repaired and your hard disk will come back to life.

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What's wrong with my Hard Disk?

This sounds like a weak power supply.The fact that the drive works fine in another computer suggest that the drive itself is ok.Drives clicking but still operational, as you describe, are usually a... Read More »

Sata hard disk vs pata hard disko or ide hard disk tell me difference?

SATA is Serial ATA interface small cable with high speed.PATA is parallel ATA interface with Flat ribbon cable 40/80 wires cable.PATA is now not used anymore in new systems.

Wiping a Hard Disk Clean: How to Completely Erase a Hard Disk Drive?

If only it were as easy as deleting all your files and emptying the recycle bin, you could wipe a computer clean easily in a few minutes. Unfortunately, doing so just makes your personal and busine... Read More »

What is a computer hard disk drive?

A computer hard disk drive is a storage device found inside of a personal computer. The hard disk drive is made up of magnetic platters and a head that reads and writes data to the platters. Just... Read More »