My computer got hacked by police virus fine. Metropolitan police virus (how to get rid of it)?

Answer When you go to safe mode with command prompts type in MSCONFIG then click on start up tab then find which one is the most likeliest to be the malware unclick that box apply it then restart your pc.... Read More »

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My computer got hacked by a police virus fine. How do i get rid of it, it blocks my screen & asks me £100 fine?

It's pretty much the same as METROPOLITAN POLICE scam. Here's a write-up and removal guide:…

I got this VIRUS its called the METROPOLITAN POLICE CENTRAL E-CRIME UNIT Is there an easy way to get rid of it?

If you start your computer in 'safe mode with networking' you can download shell.reg from click it and click all the yes and ok buttons then restart yo... Read More »

How do i remove the metropolitan police trojan from my windows 7 computer?

Follow the removal instructions given in this link:…

Virus turns on camera, police/ISP, real?

There is lots of this ransomware going around. From your description, it sounds like you're infected with the Win32/Reveton variant. This video shows how to remove it: Read More »