My computer got hacked by a police virus fine. How do i get rid of it, it blocks my screen & asks me £100 fine?

Answer It's pretty much the same as METROPOLITAN POLICE scam. Here's a write-up and removal guide:…

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My computer got hacked by police virus fine. Metropolitan police virus (how to get rid of it)?

When you go to safe mode with command prompts type in MSCONFIG then click on start up tab then find which one is the most likeliest to be the malware unclick that box apply it then restart your pc.... Read More »

How do you fine "fine tune" your computer so it is running at optimum speed?

If you install your computer as specified on the website below it will practicly run fast forever!!!…

I have a Canon powershot S51S and it has a screen that flips When I close it it goes green it still shows picture but its a green tint when its not closed it fine and pics are fine any help?

Take it to a camera card developing lab. Remember to ask for the negatives.

Was told i have a virus where it shuts down my computer and says its the FBI and I need to pay a fine?

Graham gives very good source! Britec Video is very informative and helpful .. and you could remove it for free! If you need more info about this scam: