My computer fails to recognize my printer :(?

Answer I hope that you've also installed the correct printer driver software on your computer first. During that process you need to have also located the printer on your network to make the initial conne... Read More »

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My computer cant recognize my printer!?

Try re-installing the software but do not connect the USB cable just yet. The program will advise you when to connect the USB cable to the computer. Let it finish setup, reboot windows and Windows ... Read More »

Why won`t my computer recognize my printer?

Macs need the right printer drivers, just like all other computers. And, Macs were getting drivers online for new hardware years before Windows ever got it right genius.

Why won't my computer recognize the printer I hooked up to it?

You should not connect the printer up to the computer usb before running the installation CD.Disconnect the lead from the usb and run the install disc and follow instructions, if you get to the par... Read More »

Why wont my computer recognize my printer?

If you have a gateway computer and a H.P. printer they are incompatible.