My computer doesn't turn off,how to solve this problem?

Answer get the computer in safe mode start pc say found drives or somethying like that then hit f8 123456789 untel you hear beeep beeepthe choose safe mode then last confugeration that worked good then r... Read More »

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My computer will turn off within 30 mins automatically,how i can solve this problem?

Virus attacked my computer then appear icon named wincrack.what is the best anti virus can solve this problem.?

WinCrack Removal Instructions Kill the following processeswincrack.exe Remove the following, wincrack.cpp, wincrack.exe.A free online scan may be able to do all that for you.http://www... Read More »

My sony handycam got wet (fell in a river) and now it doesnt work..any one had this problem?

If you had let it dry out completely, it might've worked. The problem is when water shorts out the microprocessors. That can only happen when current is apply while there is still water in the system.

Please Solve this networking problem?

First of all, check the connections. From the modem... modem should be connected to the WAN/Internet port of the router and not to any regular ports. Then the switch should be connected to any of t... Read More »