My computer doesnt have any usb ports?

Answer Yes, there is something you can buy.. an up to date computer. You most likely can add usb ports to your computer, but if is so old that it doesn't have any then they probably would not work very we... Read More »

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Is there any way I can update my computer's USB 1.1 ports to USB 2.0 ports?

You can't upgrade your usb1.1 to 2.0 .You have to buy a new pci card that supports usb2.0like this one:…

Computer with no USB ports?

depends a lot on the software that's running as well though. older versions of windows (NT and earlier) do not have the ability to handle USB even if you have a port.i'd have to say good luck with... Read More »

Why does my computer have 2 ethernet ports?

I doubt that you have 2 Ethernet ports. Check their size and I think you'll find that one will accept an Ethernet plug, but the other wont. It's smaller and designed for a Phone cable.

USB ports on the front off my computer?

Sure! I have 4 port hub plugged into one of my front ports, so there are four things plugged into it. The other one I keep open and swap my iPod and flash drive back forth with it.And as rod ment... Read More »