My computer doesn't have Microsoft Word?

Answer Unfortunately, the only way to download Word is to buy it. You can find it at any office supply store (ex: Staples) and online. It's cheaper for PCs then Macs and you can download it on more than o... Read More »

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I have a document that is Microsoft Word how do I print it on a computer that doesn't have Microsoft Word?

If you have access to another computer that has Word on it you can open in on that computer, go to file -> save as -> type in the name of the document -> choose a different file type (RTF is a good... Read More »

My computer doesnt have any usb ports?

Yes, there is something you can buy.. an up to date computer. You most likely can add usb ports to your computer, but if is so old that it doesn't have any then they probably would not work very we... Read More »

How do i get Microsoft word on to my computer?

Does it have to be Microst Word? try Microsoft Works, its a cut down version of the Office suite but it is good enough for most peoples needs and you can get it for around £5 if you shop around -... Read More »

How do i get microsoft word for my computer?

Microsoft Word is far and away the most popular word processing software in the world. To obtain Microsoft Word for your computer, it is necessary to determine the operating system (OS) so that the... Read More »