My computer display color is very faded, especially on the left.?

Answer You didn't mention if the monitor is the large CRT or a new flat screen. If it is the large CRT unit there is a menu button somewhere. Poke around in the menu until you find the "degauze" option ... Read More »

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Hey my computer minister display is not the right color!!?

Did you check the cable that connects your monitor to your graphics card? That sounds like a loose cable or one of the pins on the cable may be bent.

I have very bad chest and rib pains on the left side of my body and im very dizzy what is going on?

If you are 15 you should tell this to your parents so they can take you to a different doctor. I am sure they would want to know you are still hurting so they can help you.

Very very painful problem in left foot?

my advice: go to see a D.O. (doctor of osteopathy)they have longer medical school than m.d. and learn gentle manipulations, and exercises to help wasted /weakened muscles also.people toss and turn ... Read More »

I have very dry skin especially on my hands. Is there a goood cream that i can use.?

its called: E45you can purchase it in the chemist or ask your doctor for a prescription.