My computer crashed and now i'm having problems getting passed log in page (Vista)?

Answer Sound like you have no choice to do a format your hard drive and reinstall windows vista disc.

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My brand new laptop crashed!!! Is it because of Vista?

It might be because of Vista. But more than likely, not. Even if Office 2003 wasn't supposed to run on Vista, it wouldn't cause that. We have put stuff from Windows 95 on our XP computer. Yeah, we ... Read More »

At present i have windows Xp on my computer.Iwant to install Vista..Can I do so.Will it cause any problems.?

Sure you can but a better question is why do you want to? Stick with XP.

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Help my computer just crashed?

A friend of mine would have solved this by running windows pe directly from the cd and access the hd's. If you have a spare pc just make up a cd copy of windows pe and boot it.Sorry the details are... Read More »