My computer can't find my printer ?

Answer Download and run this HP diagnostic utility. If that doesn't help, reinstall the software using hP's latest driver software

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My computer won't let me find a new printer?

If you machine is part of a domain youwill need the owner f the domain to assign you rights to that printer.

How can I find my printer software to install it on my computer?

Please visit the following web site and select the appropriate operating system you are using and then try downloading the full featured drivers for the printer.The HP Deskjet 930C Series printer d... Read More »

Printer driver - how can I find on my damaged computer and copy to new?

If it's part of a W 7 update then the one on your old computer willNOT work.You need to downlaod the updates on your new laptop so theybe installed properly.I have an old Canon i250 and the driver ... Read More »

I have an hp photosmart 7450 printer but i cant find the cd to install it on my computer.?

Hi,Heres a link to the drivers.Hope this helps! :)Vista -…XP -…