My computer appears to have two hard-drives!?

Answer You have 2 partitions , not 2 hard drives. Search google for partition if you want to know how to delete, modify it

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Sluggish PC startup once desktop appears - hard disk appears to stop for a minute and everything stops - help?

During that "hang", your system is loading something in the background. Based on the point where it is happening, I suspect it is something in the "Run" part of the registry.You can use the "mscon... Read More »

How do i set up two hard drives on a computer?

Set your JumpersOne drive must be "master," or primary. The other must be "slave." Determine which will be which and set your jumpers according to the display on the hard drive label. Jumpers are t... Read More »

Can a boot for two hard drives be used in a computer?

A computer can be set up with a "dual boot" or "multi-boot" boot option, allowing two or more operating systems to be presented as boot choices when the computer starts. These operating systems can... Read More »

Can 2 portable hard drives be used on 1 computer?

Yes, you can connect two portable, or external, hard drives to one computer. Many portable hard drives connect to computers through a USB port, therefore you can connect as many external hard driv... Read More »