My company has blocked facebook and ebay, is there a way round this?

Answer There are websites which can bypass server restrictions but it's not recommended that you enter you log in details through them, especially for things like ebay where you can have credit card detai... Read More »

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My new job has blocked both myspace and ebay. How do I get round it?

Easy, if you can afford to take a lap top in with you which has wireless capabilities use that and then no one would be any the wiser to know what you are up to, since lap tops look like large fold... Read More »

Is there a way to get on facebook/myspace/bebo at work if your company has blocked those sites If so, how?

Not if they did it right. Sorry, go back to work.================================

My facebook blocked in this computer?

your browser on that computer probably has an extension installed that facebook does not allow you to useusually it's some sort of extension that spams your friends

On facebook, is there a way to find the profile of someone who has blocked you?