My comp. broke!wat is the best moniter for a Dell?

Answer LG FLATRON 22" LCD Widescreen MonitorThis Monitor is 369.99 at Circuit City...Just Go to the site and Follow the monitors link(*Sorry I couldnt get the link My Computer Being a ... Read More »

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Which one is the best CRT moniter or LCD moniter?

Depends on what you want it for.If you game alot, and you are leaning towards an LCD, make sure you get one with a very low response time. (You don't want things lagging)CRT's take up more room & g... Read More »

What is the yellow blinking light on the dell comp mean?

The flashing amber light on a Dell PC means there is a power problem between your power supply and motherboard. Chances are its the power supply, but it could be the motherboard too. Typically this... Read More »

Best moniter for $100-300?

that is actually a reasonable amount of money for a monitor - look here for some good ones…

What is the difference between TFT Monitor and LCD Moniter Which is the best and Why?

A TFT monitor uses thin-film transistor technology for the ultimate LCD or liquid crystal display. LCD monitors, also called flat panel displays, are replacing the old style cathode ray tubes (CRTs... Read More »