My comp automatically gets restarted 3 or 4 times a day?

Answer If Windows XP suddenly starts without warning, or restarts when you try to shut it down, it may be because your operating system is set to automatically restart when certain system errors occur. Th... Read More »

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I downloaded adobe flash half a dozen times this week and restarted etc, yet it will won't work?

Due to security features in the Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control, you must first remove all existing installations of Flash Player from your Windows system before installing prerelease versions o... Read More »

Why My TV gets switched off automatically?

If it needs repair I would highly suggest you get a pro to do it. TVs are dangerous not only because of the eclectic, but there's the picture tube that can be accidentally shattered and can cause p... Read More »

Are contractor's liability insurance policies only written if the policy holder also gets workmans' comp insurance?

Contractor Liability InsuranceNo, You can purchase Contractors Liability Insurance as a standalone coverage.Many companies offer Contractors Liability coverage with or without your workman's compen... Read More »

My computer turns off automatically while working on it and restarts automatically. What could be the reason?

Could be ovewr cheating fix make sure all exhaust ports are clear of blockage.Could be a virus/spyware fix obtain a free virus scanner like AVG to rid yourself of the nuisanceCould be a random wind... Read More »