My college wifi authority has blocked almost everything.?

Answer Yes by buying a mobile broadband dongle and use that.Colleges and universities block content for several reasons.They are held responsible for any illegal activity on their network.They don't want ... Read More »

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How to open blocked sites on wifi?

Since the proxy websites dont work on the itouch you have to set up a proxy manually. So its quite simple and very similar to how you do it with a computer.First we need a proxy ip list. So go to F... Read More »

Dang. Fanfiction dot net is blocked in my school's wifi. T__T Just freaking great. I want to read!?

You can use a proxy but they not safe as they can steal your details (when you login with it) It is also a security risk for your school as this allowed outside access to your schools network as it... Read More »

How do i get on facebook if my college has blocked it!!!?

you cant lol you know they have security on most computers

Is there any way to get past our college wifi?

Yes, it is called VPN. This encrypts your traffic past the school wifi so they can not see you traffic. You can get to any site from there. Check the link below.