My college wifi authority has blocked almost everything.?

Answer Yes by buying a mobile broadband dongle and use that.Colleges and universities block content for several reasons.They are held responsible for any illegal activity on their network.They don't want ... Read More »

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I'm 10 and regurgitates almost everything I eat?

I do not know how your parents feel about you, but you need to talk with them I looked up what is called GERD and if you do have that problem you need your doctor to help you. it is very much a pro... Read More »

Can you edit almost everything in Wikipedia?

Very little of Wikipedia is protected from editing. So, if you knew nothing more than "Anyone can edit Wikipedia", then you'd assume it is full of junk. People who repeat that Wikipedia is all ju... Read More »

Why is almost everything made in China?

Because the cost of manufacturing over here has priced us out of the market . People here demand a certain standard of living & unions have upped the cost of labour to the point that it's not worth... Read More »

How can I get my tub white again tried almost everything?

you may have to get the tub professionally reglazed