My college grade needs to be change but will finacial aid pay?

Answer Contact your aid source ASAP and explain the situation. They sould allow you time to have the matter corrected.

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My BFF in 9th grade needs help!?

Definitely some mascara. Eyeliner if she feels like she needs it. If she wants to even out her skin, or cover some blemishes, a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. If she needs more coverage then that,... Read More »

Who said Children will learn when their learning meets their intellectual social and emotional needs If their needs are not met this can result in disruptions?

My first question to them would be about their philosophy concerning the care of children with disabilities. The answer will make all the difference to how he is treated. Next I would ask to see th... Read More »

How to Meet the Needs of All of Your Third Grade Students?

Teachers of third grade students need to focus on teaching all of their students. The class might include some children who are gifted, some who have special educational needs and other children wh... Read More »

College student needs camera ?

What you need to know. you do not have $90 now, how do you propose to buy film and have it developed and printed?Wait until you finish school before taking on this ve... Read More »